Mother Theresa

Johnny Appleseed

John Chapman

1774 - 1847

US orchardist.

Billy The Kid Henry McCarty
1859 - 1881

US desperado, who also assumed the name William H. Bonney after he became a fugitive.

(Sir) Peter Buck Te Rangi Hiroa
1877 - 1951

Anthropologist, medical doctor and politician. He was the first Maori medical student. He went on to become an internationally-honoured anthropologist, ending his career as director of the Biship Museum in Hawaii.

Buffalo Bill William Frederick Cody
1846 - 1917

US Scout and Showman.

Butch Cassidy Robert Le Roy Parker
1866 - 1909

US bank robber.

Calamity Jane Martha Burk
1852 - 1903

Popular US heroine of the West.

Caligula Gaius Julius Caesar

Roman Emperor

Catherine the Great, Empress of all Russia
Sophia Augusta Frederika of Anhalt-Zerbst
Born: April 21, 1729
Stettin, Germany (now Szczecin, Poland)
Died: November 6, 1796

Waged war against the Ottoman Empire and advanced Russia's southern border to the Black Sea.

Chief Sitting Bull Hunkesni (Childhood name)
Born: Between 1831 and 1834
South Dakota
Died: 15 December 1890

His father changed his birth name after he displayed great bravery in battle to "Tatanka-Iyotanka", which means "Sitting Bull". He was arrested by the US government on 15 December 1890, whereupon a gunfight broke out, Sitting Bull, his son and 12 others were killed.

Christopher Columbus Cristóbal Colón
Born: before 31 October 1451
Died: 20 May 1506

Cristoforo Colombo (Italian)
Cristòfor Colom (Catalan)
Cristóbal Colón (Spanish)
Cristóvão Colombo (Portuguese)
Christophorus Columbus (Latin)
Christoffa Corombo (Genoese)


Confucius Also known as: Kong Fu-Zi
Born: 551 BCE
Lu, China (now Shandong province)
Died: 479 BCE

Best known as Chinese sage.

Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Rosemary Shand
(Camilla Parker-Bowles)
Born: 17 July 1947
London, England

Best known as the long-time "other woman" in the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. As head of the church, Queen Elizabeth II could not abide their union being consecrated in a church. So Charles and Camilla were married in April 2005 in a "private" civil ceremony in a registry office. The subsequent "blessing" was performed in a church, complete with archbishops, and vows. Who do they think they are fooling.

Eva Maria Duarte
Born: 7 May 1919
La Union, Argentina

Met Juan Peron on January 22 1944, who became President of Argentina two years later. Evita became the Secretary of Labor thereby controlling the ministry of health. She started the first successful program to stop tuberculosis and malaria which was then rampant in Argentina. She was portrayed by Madonna in the movie about her life.

Geronimo Goyathlay ("one who yawns")
Born: 1829
Place now known as New Mexico
Died: 17 February 1909

A Bedonkohe Apache, and leader of the last American Indian fighting force. Reportedly given the name by Mexican Soldiers, Geronimo is Spanish for "Jerome". He died a prisoner of war, unable to return to his homeland. He was buried in an Apache cemetery at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Lady Godiva Godgyfu
Born: ca. 1040
Near Coventry, England
Died: ca. 1070

The woman who rode through town naked on a horse.

Omar Khayyam Gheyas od-Din Abu Ol-Fash Umar ebn Ebrahim ol-Khayyami
Born: 18 May 1048
Nishapur, Persia (now Iran)
Died: 4 December 1131

Poet, mathematician and astonomer who helped reform the ancient Muslim calendar. Omar adopted the name Khayyam (the tentmaker) in honour of his father's trade.

(Dr) Martin Luther King Jr. Michael Luther King Jr
Born: 15 January 1929
Died: 4 April 1968 (assassinated)

US civil rights leader and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He was arrested on 26 January 1956 for driving at 30mph in a 25mph zone, and on 30 January his house was bombed. In 1964 he visited with West Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt, and Pope Paul VI. On 4 April 1968 he was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee by James Earl Ray.

Ferdinand Magellan Fernão de Magalhães
Born: Circa 1480
Villa Real, Portugal
Died: 27 April 1521 (killed in battle)

Best known as the first guy to circumnavigate the Earth.

Carry Nation Carry Amelia Moore
Born: 25 November 1846
Garrard County, Kentucky
Died: 9 June 1911

Reformer. Best known as a hatchet-wielding champion of alcohol prohibition and was arrested 30 times between 1900 and 1910.

Pol Pot
Saloth Sar
Born: 19 May 1925
Kompong Thom Province, Cambodia
Died: 15 April 1998

Prime Minister of the Khmer Rouge government (1976 - 1979). His name became synonymous with the Khumer Rouge guerrillas and genocide. Died evading prosecution for the deaths of as many as 2 million of this countrymen.

Princess Diana (Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales) Lady Diana Frances Spencer
Born: 1 July 1961
Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk, England
Died: 31 August 1997, Paris France (car crash)

The most famous woman in the world. Life tragically cut short in that infamous car crash in Paris, that has officially now been called a "mystery". Never before had the world seen such an outpouring of grief. Her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981 was watched by 750 million people on television.

Princess Grace of Monaco Grace Kelly
Born: 12 November 1929 USA
Died: 14 September 1982 (car crash)

Hollywood's Ice Princess became a real-life princess when she wed her Prince of Monaco, cutting short her film career that had included the films "High Noon" with Gary Cooper, "Mogambo" with Ava Gardner, "Dial M for Murder" (the film made her one of Alfred Hitchcock's infamous blondes), "Rear Window", "Country Girl" (for which she won an Academy Award), "The Bridges at Toko-Ri", "To Catch a Thief" with Cary Grant. Her final film was "High Society".

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark Mary Elizabeth Donaldson
Born: 5 February 1972
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Best known for marrying Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark in May 2004. Pre-royalty Mary graduated with commerce and law degrees from the University of Tasmania, and enjoyed a brief career in advertising and public relations.

Rasputin Gregory Yefimovich Novykh

Infamous Russian monk who was a favourite of Czar Nicholas II. As a religious fanatic he led a dissolute life and was given the nickname Rasputin, which he adopted as a surname. Rasputin was the son of a horse-stealer.

Mother Teresa Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu
Born: 27 August 1910
Skopje, Macedonia (then Albania)
Died: 5 September 1997

Catholic Nun and Humanitarian known as "Saint of the Gutters". Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and awarded the Medal of Freedom from the United States in 1985. Unfortunately, her passing was completely overshadowed by the death of Princess Diana just one week earlier.

Sojourner Truth Isabella Baumfree
Born: 1797
Ulster County, New York

Born to slave parents, she was an abolitionist, travelling as a preacher throughout the USA giving personal testimony to her experiences as a slave. Often accused of being a man (she stood 6' tall), she once bared her breasts in public to prove that she was in fact a woman.

Wild Bill Hickok James Butler Hickok
1837 - 1876

US Frontier Marshall