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Bob Dylan

Dick Dale

Richard Monsour

Born: 4 May 1937

A pioneer of surf music and along with Buddy Holly, one of the world's first prominent users of the Strat (Fender Stratocaster). See also Hank Marvin.

Bobby Dall

Robert Kuykendall
Born: 2 November
Miami, Florida

Bassist with Poison, started out as a truck stop cook and clam digger. See also CC Deville, Rikki Rocket and Bret Michaels.

Bobby Darin

Walden Robert Cassetto
Born: 14 May 1936
New York
Died: 20 December 1973

Hits such as "Mack the Knife" and "Splish, Splash".

Kiki Dee

Pauline Matthews
Born: 6 March 1947
Bradford, UK

Best known for her duet with Elton John "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (1976).


Paloma Stoecker
Born: 20 September 1990
Paris, France

Singer, songwriter, best known for the song "Go".

Lana Del Rey

Elizabeth Grant
Born: 21 June 1986
New York City, New York, USA

After an unsuccessful start to her career, Lana's star is on the rise after winning a string of music awards.

Johnny Diesel

Mark Lizotte
Born: 1967

Aussie raised vocalist and guitarist.

Wayne Delisle

David Twohill

Drummer with Aussie band "Mental As Anything".

John Denver

Henry John Deutschendorf
Born: 31 December 1943
Roswell, New Mexico

His music was often scoffed at by the critics, his lyrics celebrated life's simple pleasures, making millions happy for decades. Died piloting a small plane.

Bo Diddley Ellas Bates (later McDaniel)
Born: 30 December 1928
McComb, Mississippi

P. Diddy

Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy
Born: 4 November 1970
New York

Rapper, Producer, Executive. Known also for his love life notably involved with Jennifer Lopez. Maybe they split because she didn't like his name change! Kim Porter has asked a court to declare that he is the father of her youngest child, if this happens he will have to award child support, at 17% of his gross income. You do the math.


Florian Cloud De Bounevialle Armstrong
Born: 25 December 1971
Islington, North London, England

Dido entered a prestigious London music school at age ten, and emerged as a teenager having mastered piano, violin, and her first instrument: the recorder. Her first album "No Angel" (1999) was critically acclaimed, but failed to make an immediate impact. Three events would soon propel Dido into global stardom and 20 million album sales: her song "Thank You" featured in the film "Sliding Doors" (1998), then "Here With Me" was chosen as the theme song for the TV show "Roswell" (1999-2002), and finally, "Thank You" was noticed and sampled by rapper Eminem, and included in his smash hit "Stan" in 2000. Having won over the record executives, Dido's second album "Life For Rent" was accompanied by an unprecedented media blitz, and was the best selling UK album in 2003.


Snoop Doggy Dogg

Cordazer Calvin Broadus



Donovan Leitch
Born: 10 May 1946
Glasgow, Scotland

Hits with "Sunshine Superman" and "Mellow Yellow"

Dr. Dre

Andre Romell Young
Born: 18 February 1965
Glasgow, Scotland

West-coast performer and producing star of Hip Hop. Discovered and promoted Eminem.

Slim Dusty

David Gordon Kirkpatrick
Born: 13 June 1927
Kempsey, Australia
Died: 19 September 2003

35 Golden Guitars and more gold and platinum albums than any other Australian artist. Awarded an MBE and Order of Australia for his services to entertainment.

Bob Dylan

Robert Allen Zimmerman
Born: 24 May 1941
Duluth, Minnesota

No other music artist has had a more profound impact on popular music, and yet over the last 20 years he has only made two quality albums. His album "Time Out of Mind" won a fistful of Grammys. He also appears on a soundtrack to the TV show "The Sopranos". Dylan recently celebrated his 60th birthday.


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