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Tom Jones

Jay (and the Americans)

John Traynor

Born: 2 November 1938

Original lead singer of group replaced by David 'Jay' Black in 1962.


Shawn Corey Carter
Born: 4 December 1969
Brooklyn, New York

His solo debut "Reasonable Doubt" featured cameos by his school friend Notorious B.I.G, he released "In My Lifetime" in 1997, produced by P Diddy. The Grammy award winning rapper was arrested on 13 April 2001 for gun posession. Married to Beyonce Knowles.

J.Lo or J-Lo or J Lo

Jennifer Lopez
Born: 24 July 1970
New York, New York, USA

Dancer turned singer/actress. Jennifer Lopez first became "J-Lo", but now it's to be Jennifer Anthony. Lucky that Ben thing never happened - I mean would it have been Jennifer Affleck, J-Lo Affleck, Jennifer Lopez-Affleck? Do we care?

Got her first break as a dancer on TV's "In Living Color" (1990). Then moved to the big screen starring in "Money Train" (1995) and "Selena" (1997). But best known for her singing after her triple-platinum album "On the 6" in 1999. Almost unique in subsequently maintaining success both as an actress and singer (if you forgive her for "Gigli" in 2003).


Joan Jett

Joan Larkin
Born: 22 September 1960
Philadelphia, PA

Vocalist and Guitarist, one of the original female rockers who became a figurehead for several generations of female rockers, most remembered for her band "Joan Jett and The Blackhearts" and recording the classic single "I Love Rock and Roll".

Grace Jones

Grace Mendoza
Born: 19 May 1948

Singer, songwriter, actress, model. Best known for the albums "Warm Leatherette", "Nightclubbing" and "Slave to the Rhythm". Her best known roles in movies were in "Conan the Destroyer" with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the James Bond movie "View to a Kill".


Juel Kilcher
Born: 23 May 1974

Known for her expressive and crystalline voice, Jewel dominated the charts in the late 90s.

Elton John

Reginald Kenneth Dwight
Born: 25 March 1947
Pinner, England

Without doubt one of the biggest music legends of all time. Also known for his passion for spending big, living big, and doing most things to excess.

Al Jolson

Asa Hesselson
Born: 27 May 1886
Died: 23 October 1950

Legendary jazz singer. Often referred to as "The World's Greatest Entertainer". First person to sing in a film with sound.

Paul Jones

Paul Pond
Born: 24 February 1942
Hampshire, England

Lead singer with Manfred Mann until departure after 1966. #1 hit "Pretty Flamingo", replaced by Michael D'Abo over Rod Stewart who failed the audition!

Tom Jones

Thomas Jones Woodward
Born: 7 June 1940
Pontypridd, Wales

"It's Not Unusual" #1 UK hit in 1965, around a dozen other hits and over 20 albums.


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