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k.d. lang
Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Born: March 28, 1986
New York City

Denny Laine

Brian Hines

Born:29 October 1944
Jersey, Channel Islands

Founding member of the "Moody Blues"

Frankie Laine

Francesco Paolo LoVecchio
Born: 30 March 1913
Chicago, US

Singer, songwriter, actor

k.d. lang

Kathryn Dawn Lang
2 November 1961
Consort, Alberta Canada

A favourite among eclectic audiences from all walks of life, after a concert performance Madonnna once said of her: "Elvis is alive, and she's beautiful".

Mario Lanza

Alfredo Arnold Cocozza
Born: 31 January 1921
Sth Philadelphia, USA

Opera singer. His name is the male vesion of his mother's name, as his real name was not catchy enough. Sang his first opera role in "The Merry Wives of Windsor".

James Last

Hans Last
Born: 17 April 1929
Bremen, Germany

Big band leader and arranger for current pop hits. Over 30 albums from 1965.

Steve Lawrence

Stephen Leibowitz
Born: 8 July 1935
Brooklyn, New York

First hit with "The Banana Boat Song", followed by more hits in the late 50s and 60s hits, "Party Doll", "Portrait of my Love". More popularly with wife Eydie Gorme in TV, recordings and Broadway.

Brenda Lee

Brenda Mae Tarpley
Born: 11 December 1944
Lithonia, Georgia

Known initially as 'Little Brenda Lee'. Over 40 albums and compilations from 1957.

Peggy Lee

Norma Egstrom
Born: 26 May 1920
Jamestown, North Dakota

Torch sone goddess. Mega hit with "Fever".

Tommy Lee

Thomas Lee Bass
Born: 3 October 1962
Athens, Greece

Former Motley Crue drummer. Perhaps his best known starring role was in his sex video with then wife Pamela Anderson, which was the biggest selling porn movie in history. Was previously married to Heather Locklear for seven years. See also Mick Mars, Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx.

Gary Lewis

Gary Levital
Born: 31 July 1946
New York

Lead singer of "The Playboys" initial hit with "This Diamond Ring" (written by Al Kooper and Bobby Vee)

Huey Lewis

Hugh Anthong Cregg
5 July 1950
New York City

Singer of good time rock and roll hits. In the mid 80s he made it "Hip to be Square".


Wladziu Valentino Liberace
Born: 16 May 1919

Entertainer with splashy attire and trademark candelabra, who wowed audiences with his piano playing. Starred in "Sincerely Yours", a tear-jerker about a deaf concert pianist.

Little Anthony

Anthony Gourdine
Born: 8 January 1940
Brooklyn, New York

Best known for "Tears On My Pillow" 1958.

Little Eva

Eva Narcissus Boyd
Born: 29 June 1943
Bellhaven, North Carolina

1962 International hit with "The Locomotion". Eat your heart out Kylie.

Pixie Lott

Victoria Lott
Born: 12 January 1991
London, England

Singer, songwriter, actress, dancer. Best known for the singles "Mama Do"and "Boys and Girls" and "All About Tonight".

Courtney Love

Love Michelle Harrison
Born: 9 July 1964
San Francisco, California

Best known as the widow of Kurt Cobain.

Lobby Loyde

John Baslington Lyde
Born: 1946
Queensland, Australia

Australia's first guitar hero, playing in such bands as "The Aztecs" and "The Wild Cherries" and later as bass player with "Rose Tattoo".


Marie MacDonald McLaughlin Lawrie
Born: 3 November 1948
Lennox Castle, Glasgow, Scotland

#1 hit from the film "To Sir With Love". Brief marriage to Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees. A dozen or so albums from 1965.

Lydia Lunch

Lydia Koch
Born: 2 June 1959
New York

At age 16, Lydia Lunch became one of first in New York's "no wave" scene with her band Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. After a brief period heading another band, Beirut Slump, in 1980 Lunch moved away from "no wave", recording the solo "Queen of Siam". At the same time, she started the blues/R&B band 8 Eyed Spy. That band ended soon after bassist Jack Ruby died of a heroin O.D. She then started the Devil Dogs, which had a revolving lineup, so she quit and started 13:13. She collaborated on recordings with the Birthday Party, Exene Cervenka (X), Jim Thirwell (Foetus), Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), and Thurston Moore (also Sonic Youth). She started her own label, Widowspeak Productions, and is now focused more on spoken word recordings. Lunch has also starred in movies like "The Right Side of My Brain" and "Fingered"


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