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Stevie Nicks

Vince Neil

Vince Neil Wharton

Born: 8 February 1961
Hollywood, California

Former lead singer of heavy metal band Motley Crue. Fired from the band in 1992 for showing up late to rehearsal. Rejoined the band in 1997. See also Tommy Lee, Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx.

Ricky Nelson

Eric Hilliard Nelson
Born: 8 May 1940
Teaneck, New Jersey
Died: 31 December 1985 (plane crash)

Child star in family sitcom. Later early 60s hits as "Travelin Man", "Hello Mary Lou", last his "Garden Party". Over 30 albums and compilations.

Stevie Nicks

Stephanie Nicks
Born: 26 May 1948
Phoenix, Arizona

One of the singers with the very popular band Fleetwood Mac who produced one of the best-selling albums of all time "Rumours". Enjoyed a successful single career after the split up of the band.

Notorious B.I.G

Christopher Wallace
Born: 21 May 1972
New York
Died: 9 March 1997

A large, imposing figure of contemporary rap before his murder. Hits such as "Juicy", "One More Chance", and "Big Boppa" which was voted Billboard's rap single of the year in 1995.


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