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Cliff Richard

Joey Ramone

Jeffrey Hyman

Born: 19 May 1951
Forest Hills, New York
Died: April 2001

Lead singer with The Ramones.

Marky Ramone

Marc Bell
Born: July 15, 1956
Brooklyn, New York

Marky was the drummer for New York punks the Ramones from 1978 to 1983, and then again from 1988 to the end of the band in 1996. He also played drums for Richard Hell in the '70s. Now he has his own band, Marky Ramone and the Intruders.

Richie Ramone

Richard Reinhardt (Beau)
Born: August 11, 1957

Richie played drums with punks the Ramones from 1983 to 1988.

Jerry Reed

Jerry Reed Hubbard
Born: 20 March 1937
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

American country music singer, guitarist and songwriter.

Della Reese

Dellareese Taliaferro
Born: 6 July 1932
Detroit, Michigan

Gospel singer, around 20 albums and compilations released.

Cliff Richard

Harry Rodger Webb
Born: 14 October 1940
Lucklow, India

String of hits including "Living Doll", "Bachelor Boy", "Summer Holiday", "I Could Easily Fall", "The Day I Met Marie", "Devil Woman" and "Wired for Sound". Knighted in May 1995. A virtual string of hit albums, more lately religious and inspirational.

See also: Hank Marvin

Righteous Brothers (The)

Bill Medley
Born: 19 September 1940
Santa Ana, California

Bobby Hatfield
10 Aujust 1940
Beaver Dam, Wisconson

Shock horror! Not really brothers. Rock and roll standard "You've Lost that Loving Feeling", "Rock and Roll Heaven". Re release of "Unchained Melody".


Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Born: 20 February 1988

Singer and actress.

Johnny Rivers

John Ramistella
Born: 7 November 1942
New York City

Best known for "Mountain of Love", "Secret Agent Man". A veritable string of hits in the 60s and 70s.

Smokey Robinson

William Robinson
Born: 19 February 1940

Distinctive high tenor, and gifted songwriter, producer and promoter of new artists. Named Vice-President of Motown in 1961.

Kid Rock

Robert Ritchie
Born: Romeo, Michigan

Began his libidinous rap/DJ'ing career when just 15 years old. His biggest claim to fame is probably the fact that he was at one time engaged to Pamela Anderson, boy was Tommy upset. Kid Rock has asked a judge to compel his ex-girlfriend Kelly Russell to pay the $25 per week she owes in child support, as he has custody of their seven-year old child.

Rikki Rocket

Richard Allan Ream
Born: 8 August
Mechanicsburg, PA

Former hairdresser, lifeguard, emergency medical technician, model and school teacher, but is best known as the drummer from Poison. His hairdressing talents may have helped land him that gig! See also Bobby Dall, CC Deville and Bret Michaels.

Julie Rogers

Julie Rolls
Born: 6 April 1943
London, England

Best known for "The Wedding" and "Hawaiian Wedding Song".

Rolling Stones (The)

Keith Richard (Keith Richards)
Born: 26 February 1943
Dartford Kent


Brian Jones (Lewis Brian Hopkins-Jones)
Born: 26 February 1942
Cheltenham, England
Died: 3 July 1966 (drowned)


Bill Wyman (William Perks)
Born: 24 October 1936
Plumstead, London

Bass Guitarist and Diarist of the band.

Axl Rose

William Bruce Rose
Born: 6 February 1962
Lafayette, Indiana

Also once known by the name of Bill Bailey. Bailey being his stepfathers name. He took the name of Rose when he found out it was his real father's name. He was the charasmatic and unpredictable lead singer with heavy metal band Guns'N Roses. Married to Erin Everly, the inspiration for "Sweet Child O' Mine", but they divorced after less than a year. He has also dated model Stephanie Seymour, his bride in "November Rain".

Diana Ross

Diane Ernestine Ross
Born: 26 March 1944

One of the most successful women in contemporary music and a true "Diva". A cultural icon who's career spans more than 40 years. Once had a relationship with Gene Simmons from KISS.

Johnny Rotten

John Lydon
Born: 31 January 1956

Front man for the Sex Pistols along with Sid Vicious.

Bobby Rydell

Robert Ridarelli
Born: 26 April 1942
Philadelphia, PA

Another of the clean cut US teen idol genre before The Beatles with hits such as "Wild One", "Volare", "Sway".

Mitch Ryder (and the Detroit Wheels)

William Levise Jr
Born: 26 February 1945
Detroit Michigan

Best known for "Jenny Take a Ride", "Devil With a Blue Dress On", "Good Golly Miss Molly".

Busta Ryhmes

Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr
Born: 20 May 1972
Brooklyn, New York

Rubbery-faced, raspy-voiced rapper. 1996 album "The Coming" went platinum, as did his second release "When Disaster Strikes".


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