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Sid Vicious

Ricky Valance

David Spencer

Born: circa 1939
Ynytsdon, South Wales

US#1 hit with "Tell Laura I Love Her".

Richie Valens

Richard Steve Valnezuela
Born: 13 May 1941
Los Angeles, California
Died: 3 February 1959

Classic 50s hit "La Bamba" and "Donna". Died with Buddy Holly and Big Bopper in the plane crash the day the music died.

Frankie Vaughan

Frank Abselon
Born: 3 February 1928
Liverpool, England

Vocalist, actor, film/TV

Frankie Valli

Francis Castelluccio
Born: 3 May 1937

Of "Four Seasons" fame.

Eddie Vedder

Edward Louis Severson
Born: 23 December 1964
Evanston, Illinois

The spiritual and musical leader of "Pearl Jam".

Bobby Vee

Robert Thomas Velline
Born: 30 April 1943
Fargo, North Dakota

Singer and actor (with small parts). Short lived attempt to revert to his real name. Best known for "Rubber Ball", "Take Good Care of My Baby" (US#1).

Tom Verlaine Thomas Miller
Born: December 13, 1949

Important New York punk (music) figure. Founded the bands Neon Boys and Television. Worked on early releases with the Patti Smith Group. Worked as producer on Jeff Buckley's second album up until Buckley's death in 1997.

Sid Vicious

John Simon Ritchie then Beverly
1957 - 1979

See Johnny Rotten.

Vinnie Vincent

Vincent Cusano
Born: 6 August 1952
Bridgeport, CT

Lead guitar with KISS, replacing Ace Frehley in 1982. Before joining KISS he as a staff songwriter for TV show "Happy Days". He was fired from KISS after the "Lick It Up Tour".

See also: Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley , Peter Criss, Eric Carr, Mark St John , Gene Simmons and Eric Singer.

Vitamin C

Colleen Fitzpatrick
Born: 20 July 1972


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